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Protecting Your Interests In Family Law Matters

One of the fears that many people have about divorce or a child custody dispute is that they will have to go to court. In reality, most family law cases are resolved outside of the courtroom through negotiation or mediation.

At Jose A. Rodriguez Law, P.L., our goal is to find a solution to your family law concerns through face-to-face discussions. Our belief is that two people can reach a better solution than one judge. We focus our law practice on family issues such as divorce, child custody and parenting time, paternity actions, domestic violence protection orders, martial property division, alimony and adoption. We also handle related areas of law such as estate planning and bankruptcy. From our law office in Orlando, attorney Jose A. Rodriguez represents clients throughout central Florida.

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Practice Areas

Family Law

Family Law

Family law involves the matters that are most important to you: your family and your property. We are here to protect your interests.



We will guide you through each of the issues you need to resolve, such as marital property division, child custody and support.

Parenting Time

Parenting Time

If you have children, protecting their best interests comes first whether you are facing divorce or a paternity action.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning

When your family status changes, you will need to update your will, living will, powers of attorney and other estate-planning documents.

Keeping Your Case Out Of The Courtroom Whenever Possible

Our goal is to help you find a solution that works for you and keeps your family matters private. Attorney Jose A. Rodriguez is certified as a family law mediator by the Florida Supreme Court. He uses his knowledge and experience to resolve family law disputes issues in a non-adversarial manner whenever possible.

If negotiations prove to be fruitless, however, Mr. Rodriguez is an experienced trial lawyer who has the knowledge and skill to effectively represent you in court.

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Certified Family Law Mediator

As a Florida-Supreme-Court-certified family law mediator, attorney Jose A. Rodriguez has the skills and training to help you get a favorable outcome outside of court whenever that is possible.

Experienced guidance

Attorney Jose A. Rodriguez has a solid record of protecting the rights of our clients and fighting for a successful outcome.

Respectful and supportive

We treat every client with dignity and respect. We will handle your most important and personal legal matters with care and discretion.

Protecting your interests

We offer a balance of skillful negotiations and aggressive advocacy. We are dedicated to protecting your interests

Attentive, personal service

We will always be available to answer your questions and keep you informed as your case progresses