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You’re not the only one who benefits from establishing paternity

On Behalf of | Dec 17, 2019 | Family law

You want to care for your children, but that can be hard when Florida doesn’t recognize you as the father. Getting Florida to accept your connection could be the first step towards providing your kids with everything they need.

Being unmarried at the time of birth could mean you aren’t listed as the father, but making things official can pay off big time for you and your children. You don’t have much in the way of rights before you prove your genetic link, but the advantages could be a simple test away.

Passing the test

Along with seeing your name on the birth certificate, establishing your place as your children’s father in the eyes of Florida can have several benefits:

  • Share benefits: You could share applicable benefits with your children that they otherwise wouldn’t have access to because of the lack of legal connection. You could pass down military allowances, health insurance and Social Security benefits to your children.
  • Gain time-sharing: The court won’t likely give you enforceable time with your children if you aren’t legally acknowledged as their father. Once you’ve established paternity, you generally have equal rights to your children.
  • Get support: Beyond gaining time with your children, the state may also grant you support if you are the primary caregiver. Support can help you cover the price tag that comes with food and clothing costs, visits to the doctor and daycare.

Understanding the upside to having the state acknowledge the link between you and your children can be the first step to reaping the rewards of paternity. Make the connection official, and you could be well on your way to supporting their needs.