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The evolution of divorce proceedings

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2023 | Divorce

The “honeymoon period” that most couples enjoy is a time of happiness and anticipation. Not long after, they start families with great excitement.

Yet, for all couples, the bliss of marriage soon settles into a routine mainly focused on children. Over time, spouses change. They have different priorities. Heated discussions become intense arguments. Based on statistics, around half will divorce.

The coming of conflict

Whether the split of amicable or contentious, issues surrounding custody, money, and particularly pricey possessions can create significant conflict that leads to divorce.

Statistics paint an interesting picture of child custody in the United States:

  • The U.S. is home to nearly 13 million custodial parents
  • Child custody disputes are decided by parents 90 percent of the time without going in front of a judge
  • Around half of the custody cases see agreements that favor mothers
  • Eleven percent of custody matters required the help of a mediator
  • Nearly 30 percent of custody decisions do not require a mediator or the court
  • On average, custodial parents receive child support slightly in excess of $3,400
  • Almost 42 percent of mothers with custody are 40 years old or more
  • Close to 75 percent of custodial fathers enjoy full-time employment

Custody battles often revolve around time spent with children by parents, with fathers receiving less time than mothers. However, data reveals that more U.S. states are now embracing and subsequently awarding equal parenting time.

The impact of divorce affects all family members. However, with children, the life-changing time is difficult to process. Keeping proceedings amicable helps. However, getting along when no longer married can give kids peace of mind during life-altering times.