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Don’t Settle For Less Than Your Fair Share Of Marital Property

Divorce presents many kinds of challenges at different stages in the process. In addition to the psychological strain that often comes with ending a marriage, there is an unavoidable logistical challenge in separating the debts and assets that belong to a pair of people who have been largely functioning as a single financial unit for many years. For couples without children, property division makes up most of the practical work required to finalize a divorce.

At Jose A. Rodriguez Law, P.L., we will guide you through this process. When needed, we will assist you in accurately assessing the value of your shared marital property. More importantly, we will advocate for your financial interests so you ultimately obtain your fair portion of assets and are in the best possible position to start the next chapter of your life from a financially secure position.

Understand Equitable Distribution And Make It Work For You

Like most states, Florida approaches the division of marital property through the philosophy of “equitable distribution.” This means that a family court judge will weigh a wide range of factors when considering how to divide a couple’s property in a way intended to “fairly” reflect each party’s total contribution to the marriage in financial and nonfinancial terms. For instance, if one party took time away from work to raise your children, a judge may decide that they are entitled to a greater share of your combined assets than is reflected strictly by their own monetary contributions to your shared wealth.

In the context of the equitable distribution system, it is crucial to thoroughly and accurately convey your financial and nonfinancial contributions to your household. We will help you identify these contributions, and we will translate them into terms that a family court judge will understand.

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