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Protect Your Rights As A Father By Legally Establishing Paternity

Many parents take it for granted that their relationship to their own children could never be challenged or questioned. But many fathers have learned the hard way that this is not always the case. If you and your child’s mother were not married when your child was born, the State of Florida may have no legal record of your paternity.

The lack of a formal paternity record may seem like a minor issue when everything is running smoothly in your family, but it’s important to keep in mind that a child’s two parents may not always agree on how your child should be raised. There is a deep value in taking steps now to formally establish your relationship to your child in order to maintain your parental rights without disruption in the event of a serious dispute in the future.

Establishing Paternity Benefits Every Member Of The Family

Establishing paternity benefits the whole family. By taking a DNA test and formally registering the results with the state, a verified father can offer a level of stability and certainty in his family’s life.

  • For your child, establishing paternity helps him or her maintain a stable and healthy relationship with both parents, learn important medical history information, and ensure access to insurance benefits, inheritance, and other entitlements due to a legal dependent.
  • For a child’s mother, establishing paternity provides an opportunity to share the responsibilities of parenthood fairly, as well as sharing the financial costs of raising a child.
  • For a child’s father, establishing paternity provides an opportunity to legally establish his legal rights to custody or visitation, and maintain a stable and healthy relationship with his child.

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