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Use Mediation To Avoid The Time And Cost Of Litigation

Last updated on November 30, 2020

Every family is unique, so it stands to reason that every family will resolve disputes in the unique way that works best for the family. Divorce is a stressful and sometimes confrontational process, but fortunately there are several ways to navigate through this process based on your needs and preferences. In addition to litigation and negotiating a settlement, there is a third option called mediation.

In mediation, the parties seeking a divorce, separation or related legal matters hire a neutral third party to help them reach an agreement. This third party – called a mediator – provides legal information but not legal advice. A mediator does not have to be a lawyer, but lawyers who are trained as mediators can provide especially thorough and accurate information on legal questions.

Mediation can take many forms, but in general, its purpose is to help both parties reach a mutually satisfactory agreement while avoiding the time and expense of litigation. Each spouse can meet with the mediator directly, or they can communicate with the mediator through their respective attorneys.

An Experienced Attorney To Help Guide You Through Family Mediation

At Jose A. Rodriguez Law, P.L., we believe it is crucial for people facing family law issues to fully understand the consequences of their decisions and how those decisions are made. When those decisions are made in mediation, they are more likely to be satisfactory to both parties and sustainable in the long run so you and your former spouse can avoid returning to the same dispute in the future. The greatest benefit of mediation is that there is no limit to the creative solutions that can be used to meet your family’s unique needs.

Attorney Jose Angel Rodriguez is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Law Mediator. In addition to his law practice, he is able to help parties to reach agreements resolving their legal issues through mediation.

At Jose A. Rodriguez Law, P.L., our experience has taught us that spouses and parents who resolve their divorce, alimony, child support, child custody, and other family law matters through mediation can achieve the following:

  • Avoiding emotionally-charged confrontations
  • Helps with the exchange of information, ideas, and alternatives for settlement between the parties
  • Finding the opportunity for a resolution which is less expensive and time-consuming than a court trial
  • Remaining more satisfied with the arrangements reached working together than those that might be imposed by a judge

Our family law and divorce mediation services available to help you resolve a range of family law matters, including:

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